Sealing the partnership with a handshake:  Mrs. Erlinda Unabia APO 26th NBC Chairperson with LKKS EVP & COO Mr. Albino Limketkai.

ATTN: THERE ARE NO MORE BANNER POSTING SLOTS AVAILABLE. Again, the AAs and Chapters with confirmed slots must procure the tarps themselves, that is why the specs are provided. The 26NBC Committees will not be making the tarps. Please make sure to follow specifications when having tarps made, tarps that do not fit the specs will not be accepted. Tarps must have eyelets. NO OTHER TARPS OR BANNERS ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE AREA.

Here is the final list of confirmed AAs and Chapters that will be posting banners during the 26th NBC.

1meter X 3meters VERTICAL (65 slots):
IGACOS, APO SINGAPORE AA, Epsilon Upsilon AA, Zeta Zeta, APODAP, APOWRKSA, APO AUCKLAND NZAA, Lambda Sigma, Epsilon Rho/Greater Midsayap AA, Beta Upsilon, MSU AA, STAPOAA, APO HONGKONG AA, Administrative Region for Asia Pacific, Omega, APOZANORTE, Alpha Beta, APO AUSTRALIA AA, Epsilon Omega, Epsilon Omega AA, APO RIYADH AA, APO GREATER LOS ANGELES, Gamma Chi, ILNAPOP, Gamma Epsilon/DLSU AA, Lambda Psi, APO NI RIZAL AA, Beta Tau/Beta Tau AA, Omicron/Omicron AA, Delta Alpha, APO RANAO, Bigwater Royale APO AA, Alpha Epsilon AA, Epsilon, Epsilon Kappa, Alpha Xi, Eta Lambda, APOBAA, MC APO AA, Eta, MVC Petitioning Chapter, Gamma, Beta Psi, APO MARIKINA AA, Theta Beta, APO KUWAIT AA, APO Region 9 Goodwill Games, Yes for Peace, Alpha Mu, Alpha Mu AA, APO AUSTRIA AA, APO ARE, Mu, APO MLQU AA, Mu Delta, APO LIPA AA, APO ARME, APO DHAHRAN AA, APO ANDAA, APO QATAR, NMAR, Theta Iota, Fleurdelis, APO SS, Mu Pi.

1meter X 2.5meters VERTICAL (36 slots):
Lambda Nu, Mu Xi, APO JAPAN AA, Upsilon, NCAR, APO Biliran Island AA, APO LA MESA AA, APO-Victoria Australia AA, Alpha Upsilon, Lambda, Lambda AA, APO PAA, Circle of Sorority Alumni Association, APO ACNA, APO Toronto AA, APO Antipolo AA, Zeta Psi, Gamma Xi AA, APO CONGRESS, Epsilon Upsilon, Psi AA, Psi, APO Sydney Alumni Association, Beta Gamma, APO MASBATE AA, Beta Chi AA, Delta Phi, Delta Phi AA, Epsilon Alpha/Epsilon Alpha AA, APO Buyog AA, Zeta Omega, Lambda Sigma AA, Eta Iota AA, APO Zamboanga City AA, APO IMBAC, Epsilon Nu AA.

Don't hesitate to PM me for inquiries. Please be guided accordingly.

in LFS,

Richmond Anthony Riain Briones Alfonso

The downloadable formats for the Invitation Letter, the Pre-Registration Form, the Sponsorship Letter and Package, as well as the Advertisers Letter and Package, are already posted. Feel free to download the said files.

Invitation Letter.pdf Invitation Letter.pdf
Size : 333.396 Kb
Type : pdf
APO press release.pdf APO press release.pdf
Size : 702.173 Kb
Type : pdf
Convention Program.pdf Convention Program.pdf
Size : 238.809 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 239.385 Kb
Type : pdf
Sponsorship Letter.pdf Sponsorship Letter.pdf
Size : 253.617 Kb
Type : pdf
Sponsorship Package.pdf Sponsorship Package.pdf
Size : 272.184 Kb
Type : pdf
Advertiser Letter.pdf Advertiser Letter.pdf
Size : 335.367 Kb
Type : pdf
Advertisers Package.pdf Advertisers Package.pdf
Size : 50.697 Kb
Type : pdf

All those interested in selling APO items during the NBC and would like to have an exhibit booth, please contact Sis. Thelma Galope at 09299793131 or email her at You may also contact Ms. Anna Marie J. Medes, email address w/ tel. 856-4499 , 0917 620 0712 / 0922 866 2544. Limited slots only.

NOTE: Sis Thelma's number has been changed to 09494987735.


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